Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tiny frustrations

I was in a perfectly good mood when I walked through the door of this apartment tonight. I almost skipped out on the gym today but while we were closing the store down P talked me into keeping my four-day streak up. I came home pumped up and feelin' good, I showered and am now squeaky clean and I just chowed down on some healthy veggies and an apple. But a-las, there has been a tiny blunder to my good mood! Of COURSE I couldn't have a night of peace and happiness. My annoyance level is riding on high now that this couple who is subletting one of the rooms here has come home. This couple consists of a tall lanky blonde girl from LA and a south american tennis pro. The two of them are nice, HOWEVER, they are constantly fighting and to top it off the girl ALWAYS tries to talk to me. This is only a bad thing because of two very important reasons. #1 She drraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggssss on conversation about the most mundane things, "Oh, is that a granny smith apple? Yeahhhhhhhh I like apples too. I like red ones...i think. Yeeeeeah. Apples, they're great. I meaann...hey do you like other fruits?" Point number 2 is that she says each statement as if she's asking a question. At first I thought maybe she just was a little confused but now I think it may be some kind of speech impediment. So that last sentence would read something more like this: "Oh, is that a granny smith apple? Yeah I like apples too? I like red ones...???!? I think?? Yeahhhhhhh. Apples, they're greatttt. I meeeann, hey do you like other fruits???!?" But to get the full effect, you'd have to raise your voice up about three pitches and talk reeeeeeeeallly slowwwwwwwwwwwwwlyyyy and have a HUGE amount of uncertainty in your tone.

Imagine a couple, one of them with a whinnnnyyyyy drawwwwwwwwwwwn out voice of confusion fighting with a Spaniard with a very thick spanish accent who talks very fast and angrily. Now imagine them fighting about why he only bought two bottles of soda at full price when she gave him a coupon that was three for $2. That is what I'm experiencing right now. It's ridiculous.

Where is a tape recorder when you need one????!

Where is an ipod when you need one?!?!!?!? Good riddance!!

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