Sunday, January 31, 2010

5 months!.

20 weeks today....I can't believe we're this far along. I definitely FEEL pregnant now. The little girl is wiggling around like crazy. It's hard to explain what it feels like to have a baby twirling around in your belly. Almost like big heavy balloons filled with water are rolling about and pushing your insides around. It makes me giggle. Hehe. I'm happy that Mike was finally able to feel her push from the outside last night.


I am definitely feeling more connected to her as the days go by. I can't wait until we figure out where we'll be living, what furniture we'll buy for her and until we start really picking out fun things to complete her new little life with! I had a blast shopping for our registry with Katie and her little girl MJ last week. We picked out little play gyms, strollers, bibs, spoons, breastfeeding pumps(?!!?) and a ton of other girly things. Oh man, so much fun. I just want to meet her....NOW!

On a side note, Mike and I are flying back home to Florida next week! I can't believe that it has been almost five years since I've visited Ft. Lauderdale. I am nervous about heading back.....but I am very excited to meet more of Mike's family and to see my mom, some old friends and THE BEACH!!! I also feel like it might be one of the last times I am able to see my grandma, so that'll be something to keep in the back of my mind as well. Mos tly, I can't wait to have a few days of vacation with Mike. As cheesy as it sounds, I really like flying on airplanes with Mike and traveling to different places with him. We both have a similar need to move around and experience adventure. I think we've always bonded because of those qualities that we share.

Super excited.

Tomorrow, Mike is heading to Dallas and I am heading to another prenatal appointment. Hope all goes well for BOTH of us!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

19 weeks!


It's a girl! Still can't believe there's a little lady growing in my belly. With the insane amounts of men in both of our families, we were convinced it was going to be a boy. Hah! Sure did fool us! Here is our little girl....can't wait to meet her!
A shot of her little profile and a top view of her head. She's laying on her hand.
Side view. The top picture shows a shadow of her foot pressing up against the top.

Foot shot at the top and her little lady parts from the bottom view. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

17 weeks!

Our appointment went well! The baby's hearbeat is going strong. Mike could tell it slowed down a bit from last time (because he came up with a musical beat based off of our first appointment results :) I lost two pounds, likely due to the fact that I haven't been able to keep anything down for four months. So all in all I'm only up three pounds for the entire pregnancy. I was a little worried about that but the doc said the low weight gain is totally just means I won't be one of those women that gain 20 unnecessary pounds their first trimester and have a harder time losing it in the end. The good news is that the all-day sickness has been easing up a ton and it looks like mass amounts of protein consumption are in my near future! Get ready chicken/steak/tofu/nuts/veggies!!! I can't wait until the 19th...that's when we find out the sex and see high quality ultrasound pics of this little baby! Whoohooo.

On a fun, exciting note....tomorrow Jessica and I will be on a 6am flight to NYC. Woot woot! Can't wait!!!!!!!!! I'll try my hardest to make a few updates from the big apple. Now....where is that giant coat?!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday pictures!

A few pictures that we took in a random "spur-of-the-moment photo session in a forest" to send to our families for the holidays. Fun! Check out that bump! Eeeeek.

Tomorrow is our next pre-natal appointment. Hopefully the baby is doing well in there. I'm so anxious to hear its little heartbeat again. I just want to make sure its growing perfectly.

Updates soon!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Excited for my next day off...

Which will be Tuesday....and man, I have a lot to do before then. Not only do I need to keep plugging away at designing our website, but Jessica and I leave for NYC on Friday so I have a lot of packing and planning to accomplish. First thing to check off of my list: pack two enormous poofy winter jackets. In a strange way, I'm excited to wear my old jacket....but simultaneously, I'm not excited for this...
AHHHHH!! I keep trying to remind myself that I used to walk 11 blocks in that evil cold each day so I'm trying to remain optimistic that I can handle it again. I don't know what happened to my winter-blood because now I start shaking when it's 60! Haha, this shall be fun. However, I am really excited for our trip. In the short four days that we will be there, have a lot to do. I can't wait to catch up with old friends and enjoy being in the city again. So excited.

As soon as I get back, my mom will be arriving on Thursday. I'm so excited to see her! I think she's anxious to see my ever-expanding stomach. And speaking of stomach, our next visit to the midwives is this Thursday. I am going to try to sleep them a $20 under the table to see if they can figure out the sex early :) to work.

Oh! And P.S.! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! Here is to an exciting, adventure-filled 2010!!
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