Monday, March 8, 2010


Best upset EVER!!! Turco, you beautiful beast!! Took 52 shots on goal and only allowed 3! Yeah!!

Ahhhhh I think I almost just had a heart attack watching that game. YES!!! The Capital's 20-game winning streak is over thanks to the Stars! Yeahhh!! Sorry Mike, your little man Ovechkin was no match for us tonight!

God, I love hockey.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Yesterday was Mr. Anderson's birthday but sadly I had to work for the majority of the day. But tonight we decided to do a little post-birthday celebration and we went down to eat at Fogo De Chao...and all I can say is that, as someone who doesn't eat a lot of meat, I could hang out in that place and chow down all night! You have these little "stop" and "go" coasters that you flip over back and forth on your table depending on how often you want these little men in herem pants to come by with meat on a giant stick! Fillet Mignon, Ribeye's, Mahi-Mahi....anything your taste-buds could possibly desire are on your plate at the simple flip of a coaster! We only went about three rounds before I pooped out and couldn't eat any more. There just wasn't enough room in my stomach to keep going.....and the result of our outing was the following.....

Oh man, nothing can describe how painful it is to eat too much while pregnant and not have enough room in your belly to hold it all! It felt like my skin was ripping on the 3-block walk back to the car!! However, our hearty dinner was worth the pain and I made sure to rub tons of the stretch-mark oil that Katie gave me onto my stomach once we got back home, haha :) Maybe Quinn had suddenly developed a mass amount of muscle after I ate all of that Iron and Vitamin A and decided to stretch out and do karate in there!

It was a great night and I'm so glad that we were able to do something fun for Mike for his big 25th year on Quinn's 25th week of gestation!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

6 months

...And feeling great!! My stepmom and I went to my appointment yesterday and we got to see the baby wiggling around in there. She was moving her hands around and looked really peaceful. Pretty exciting. We'll have a glucose test next appointment and another ultrasound. Whoohoo!

Tonight is our first birthing class. Mike had to go to Corpus Christie again for work so my friend Jessica is going to come with me. I'm a little nervous about it, as I haven't really given TOO much thought to labor quite yet, but it should be fun to meet other mom's that are as pregnant as I am!

Thinking of things to do for Quinn...

has been one of our favorite past times these days! Mike and I are constantly coming up with little things to do to make her life fun and interesting as she gets older.

The other night, we went to see one of our favorite bands, The Appleseed Cast at The Mohawk. Between the two of us, we've both been listening to them for ten years and have all of their albums (obsessed, much?!) so seeing them for the second time together was pretty awesome. Before their set, we went to the merch table and saw that they had come out with this awesome limited edition record split of two of their old albums and instantly Mike knew we couldn't live without it. As we pondered on when to run to the ATM to get some cash, Mike decided that it would be awesome if we had all of the guys in the band sign the album to Quinn. That way when she is older, we could show her that her parents got their favorite band to sign an album to her! Swweeeeeeeet, so we went on a mission to get the guys to sign it for us. This little endeavor turned into us hanging out with the guitarists for a long while after their set...discussing life after 35, children, the new scoop on their coveted new album, etc. It was a lot of fun and really meant a lot to us.

Mission accomplished! The goal is to try to do this for our top 10 favorite bands of all time. Considering that Braid is broken up and The Smashing Pumpkins refuse to talk to each other...this might prove a little difficult...hahah. Oh well, we'll try!

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