Sunday, November 2, 2008

Runner's high

I left work around four yesterday because I was feeling pretty under the weather. The girls said I looked really flushed and I could feel my throat verging on the threshold of soreness as soon as I woke up that morning. My supervisor said I could leave early, which I rarely ever do. It was especially difficult to leave early on a Saturday. However, I was struggling to be productive and wasn't getting anything done because I was feeling feverish, so I headed home. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and I woke up around 10:00 this morning feeling a bit better. My throat still feels itchy but I think the fever disappeared. Thankgoodness. I drifted in and out of sleep for a few more hours and then decided to get up and try to run some errands. I threw on three layers of clothing - Tights, Boots, a black sweater dress, a green paisley scarf and my black wool coat. It was cold today, around 45 degrees, so you could only imagine my surprise when I walked outside of my house and witnessed something I'd never seen before....HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of people running down the street...with very little warm clothing on! I had no idea that the New York City Marathon was going on today. But yes, folks, it definitely was...and it happened to be passing through Brooklyn at the very moment I stepped outside. I can't tell you how cool it was to see tons of people lining the streets, praising and yelling inspirational words to the running men and women (and how people could run 20-something miles in this weather with only tank-tops and shorts on, I have no idea!) People lined the streets for miles clapping and holding up signs, balloons, banners and handing out water. They were just normal New Yorkers who came out in the cold weather to spend their Sunday cheering on and encouraging the runners. I walked a few blocks down to the Bedford Avenue area because I could hear music coming from that side of town. There were bands set up on each street corner providing entertainment for the people passing by.

I stayed down there for about thirty minutes or so watching all of the different kinds of people run by. Many of them either had their names written across their shirts or had flags, patches, pictures etc. of their country of origin. It was so neat!! I kept thinking how bummed out I was that I had no one to share the experience with.

As always, I'm sorry my phone's camera is SOOO terrible...but here are a few (super-low quality) pictures I managed to snap while I was down there!

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would really love a digital camera. Possibly one with more than 1 megapixel. Although I am extremely grateful for the crappy camera that is imbedded on my phone, I believe a REAL camera would do my blog so much more justice.

Thank you. Tell the elves I say hi.


(Go Longhorns!!!!)

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robby said...

wheres the camera you stole from me?

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