Friday, November 21, 2008


Today went well despite the FREEEEEZING weather!! 32 degrees! We haven't even reached the low of 27 tonight! Goodlord! This morning on my walk to the train, I couldn't decide whether my skin felt like it was freezing or burning. Such a weird sensation. My stepmom is sending me gloves in the mail and my mom is bringing cold weather supplies! I can't WAIT! I'll just have to stock up like crazy on winter accessories. I really thought that I could handle it but I've very quickly realized that I definitely don't have the right kind of gear to comfortably handle such low temperatures. And to's just going to keep getting COLDER! It's not even snowing yet!!

Although today was longgggg and I have been secretly a teenybit bummed about the not-so-great work-related news from a few days ago, I was still in high spirits as usual! I always try to follow the same advice that I give my staff. Whatever is bothering you, just leave it at the door. P was in a great mood today also, despite the freezing weather and her batteling through the last leg of a cold that she caught from me last week. I think we were bouncing off of eachother for a little bit and we both had some good quality sales. The majority of the day went by quickly and I was pleasantly surprised to see that we sold quite a bit! With the quieting traffic flow (Thanks to you, Wall street and the Stock Market!) it's been a struggle to keep moral high and the sales increases coming. Today was pretty uplifting and I remain confident that sales will increase as it gets closer to the holidays.

I can picture Keith saying, "blah blahhh blahhhhh" at this very moment! Haha! Sorry guys! It's hard to find other things to talk about during the week when all I do is go to work each day. My days off are usually when the eventful things happen. I am pretty excited about next week, though. I have to work tomorrow but on Sunday I'm going to venture out to JFK to pick up la mia madre from the airport. I'll have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to spend with her, as well as turkey day! I'm excited to seeeeee her, it's been far too long since we've spent time with one another. And guess what...after she leaves on the 29th, it'll only be a few more days until Nicole, Kate, Robby and Matt get here. WHOOHOO!!!!

Despite the hard times with the economy and the uncertainty of our future, I remain so very grateful for all of the positives in my life. I am so lucky to have a supportive family, an amazing group of friends, my semi-warm jacket, such a wonderful job and the opportunity to live in such an inspiring and incredible city. Life is good.

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