Monday, November 17, 2008

Like my mom always says....

..."I've never been in a car accident but I'm sure I've caused a few!" Her mantra was definitely repeating in the back of my head during my driving adventure yesterday.

I haven't driven a car in four you can imagine how terrified I was to have to drive on the freeway in NEW YORK CITY of all places. Not only was I driving in the scariest place ever but I was maneuvering a U-HAUL with no side or rear windows (!!!) through back-to-back traffic!! Dear God! My arms felt like jello the entire time. It didn't help that I was also somewhat still drunk off of NyQuil from the night before. My game plan was to venture to Ikea before driving to my old apartment to load up boxes but once I turned the truck on, I was way too scared to drive down to Redhook. Instead, I decided to just drive to my old apartment (I had to take the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, ahh!!), pack up my stuff and get it to Queens without killing someone in that beast of a vehicle. Greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat success! I did it! Even while batteling the awful weather and my cold-ridden nose and throat, I was able to move everything by myself and return the U-haul in one piece. On a side note, it was so strange to see what New York looks like from above ground! I traveled the same route that I do on the subway, but from above you really get to see so much more of the area you live in. I wish I could go back to take pictures of the cemetaries that I passed and all of the old buildings in Williamsburg, but alas, I won't have a car again for quite some time. Anyway, after the U-haul experience, I took the train down to IKEA and bought as much as I could carry. I decided to sit down and eat some lunch while I was there. When I looked out of the window near my table I was able to see a pretty-close-up view of the Statue of Liberty!

A few dishes, bathroom mats, pots and silverware later, there I was in our new apartment! I am so happy! I've been unpacking all day. I can't wait until Kate, Robby and Matt get here. I was bummed yesterday when I found out Keith won't be able to make it in December, but he'll get to come in January for a while, so that's one more thing to look forward to! Goshhhhhh I feel SO much better. This apartment is gorgeous and I finally have a HOME!!!! My mom gets here next Sunday, the two of us will have fun decorating and organizing. Whooohoooo.

Another perk to this apartment: I was able to hack into one of my neighbor's wifi connections. Who makes their password "password" ?! Score one for Tara!

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