Sunday, August 31, 2008

Knew it'd happen eventually...

New environment + stress + working a lot + little kids coughing on me on the subway = Tara will get sick.

I knew it was going to happen! I was just counting the days until it did. My throat started to feel scratchy yesterday and I had a killer headache the day before. And now, ah, the sweet taste of Nyquill lingers on my lips! Mmmmm-MMM!!

Regardless of the cold, I managed to have a great last few days. My friend Arya and his brother Yasha were in town from Baltimore/California so Dennis and I hung out with them during the day. We walked along the lower west side in the Greenwhich village area and explored a little bit. I enjoyed seeing them, it had definitely been a while. Here are some pictures that we took at this park that we stopped at near the Hudson river.

Last night, Dennis and I hung out with his buddy Jeff. It was reaaaally humid and sticky out yesterday so the three of us were trying to find a place to hang out that preferably had air conditioning. Somehow Jeff convinced his older sister to let us crash at her swank apartment in Greenwhich Village since she wouldn't be there. We drove back to Manhattan and found a parking space not too far from her place. Her apartment was so beautiful! As soon as we walked in, Dennis and I were like "Yeeeeeah we could definitely get used to this!!" Jeff kept complaining that it was too small and he kept injuring himself on things because, yeah, the apartment was only two rooms and it was easy to knock into objects. However, Dennis and I thought it was an amazing little piece of Manhattan. If you looked out the window near the fire escape, you had a perfect view of the top of the Empire State Building. I don't know if I could ever get tired of seeing such a lovely view each day!

The plan was to wake up super early this morning to get back to Brooklyn, but alas Jeff's sister's couch was really comfy and we were all enjoying the AC a little too much. The guys wound up dropping me off home around 9:15am. I showered, took some cough medicine and then started to get crackin' on packin'. Afterward, Kim, the woman who I was staying with helped me move my boxes to my new apartment in Brooklyn!

We got everything here really quickly and my new mattress was delivered around 2:00. My room is a teeeeny bit bigger than I had remembered. A full bed definitely fits in here but that's about it. I do have a window though, so wahhh-hooo to natural light! I don't have a closet...I'm using the one in the spare room, so I think that might be a problem. Where will all of my dresses go!? I need to figure out a way to make more space in here. At some point I decided to go out and explore a little bit...I was on a mission to find some sheets.

I hopped on the G train which took me to the L. I was sitting quietly by myself until I looked up a few moments later and noticed a group of girls standing together right near me. One of them looked EXTREMELY familiar. I kept trying not to stare and be obvious but I was really convinced that this girl was someone who I had worked with back when I lived in California. I kept staring and staring and finally decided to ask her what her name was. It took so much guts but eventually I whimpered out, "Excuse me, is your name Megan by any chance?" She looked at me and immediately shouted out my name! I absolutely couldn't believe it...what a small world! I decided to get off at their stop and we walked around for a bit. She has been living here for two years working on her masters and is about to move back to the west coast. Her and her friends just happened to be on that train coming back from Brooklyn. What are the odds that she was on the same train and same car, let alone standing directly in front of me?? Soooo weird!!!! I'm bummed she's moving back but at the same time it was really great to see a familiar face.

After the run-in, I walked around Union Square and picked up some food at Whole Foods. I started to feel achey again so I went home pretty soon after eating a sandwich in the park. I slept fora few hours and now I'm awake and sitting on my new bed. Yay. I work tomorrow and Tuesday but I am looking forward to Wednesday through Friday because I have those days off and I'll be spending them with my friend Sean who I grew up with in Florida. He'll be in town those days so I'll have someone new to go exploring with. This week should fly by and then GUESS WHAT!! Next week is FASHION WEEK!!! Get ready for some amazing pictures...I can't wait to see the runway show.

Okay...I think I'm going to try to get some sleep. Boohoo, go away cold! I miss you all!!


iunchboxhero said...

Hope you feel better! Keep posting because I love the pics :)

Jess said...

aw Tara, I miss you! I got sick when I first moved to Barcelona. Feel better xoxoxoxoxoxo :)
p.s. I changed my blog site -

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