Sunday, August 17, 2008

T-Minus 14 days and counting...

...until I move into my new apartment in Greenpoint. It can't come ANY sooner!! I am tired of being isolated out here in East Brooklyn.

Last week, Dennis and I decided to take a little road trip out to upstate NY. I didn't get to write much about it because I have been so busy. We drove about two hours up this gorgeous highway that rode alongside the Hudson river. There were so many scenic spots, Dennis was pulling over every few minutes so I could see!

We spent the afternoon hiking up this huge mountain after visiting his old military school and driving through tiny towns. He was an amazing tourguide and I am so thankful that he took the time to show me a different side to New York. I wish my camera wouldn't have died because there were some amazing views. I was able to capture a few before my batteries ran out.

(Dennis leaning over the wall. Such a view!!!)

Today, I spent the morning in my store doing some last minute preparations for inventory (happening at 5am tomorrow morning...oy vey!) Around 3:30, I decided to get the heck out of there, considering it was supposed to be my day off and all. I walked down to Urban Outfitters and hung out there for a little while. That store is always depressing because it's great style but incredibly overpriced...ESPECIALLY when you're in NYC and can't afford anything in general. I then hopped onto the 4 train and headed down to Union square where I took the L train to Williamsburg to meet up with Nina. We walked around Bedford Avenue and IT WAS AWESOME! I had gone there a couple of weeks ago with my friend Chris but it was late and I couldn't really appreciate all of the adorable boutiques that are in that area.

Since it was Sunday, there were a ton of people selling things on the streets as we walked past the many vintage stores, cafes and novelty shops. There were sooo many different kinds of people roaming around in that area. I kept seeing trendy tattoo'd kids walking alongside skateboarders, tourists, parents and business people. It just seems like such a versatile area to live in. I can't wait until I move over there!!

Nina is a great shopping partner because she has great style and loves everything from vintage to high-end design. We walked into a bunch of great stores, including Built By Wendy. I used to LOVEEEEE the guitar straps she did about 8 years ago before she started to design for Wrangler and Simplicity Patterns. Her boutique was simple but had great design.

We did a little window shopping after that and also went into this store that is EXACTLY like Buffalo Exchange. Although tempted, I was proud of myself for not buying anything and saving my money. Oh man...and also, as we were leaving I found tons of the fliers that Keith (who also designed my logo up there!),Matt and Beef had designed for the Pool Parties event going on in Brooklyn. It was nice to see a little piece of home to remind me of my friends. I am so proud of them!

Eventually, we found a little Italian restaurant to eat at called La Nonna. I ordered a spinach salad with chicken and arugula, which was a healthy alternative to the Pizza binge that I've been on! Our waitress only spoke Italian, so when Nina and I needed the check, I asked the woman, "Possiamo avere il conto?" Haha. The waitress laughed! I was excited to use my Italian skillzzz, it's been a while.

Now I am home and about to go to sleep. I called a car service to take me to work tomorrow morning. I am going to be too exhausted to ride the subway at 4am, plus it probably isn't so safe to ride the trains at that time in the morning. Gosh...I'm going to be a ZOMBIE TOMORROW!!!

I miss all of youuuuuuuuuuu!! Night.

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Anonymous said...

there's so much life in your picture and writing its really great 2am reading :) keep up the good work!!!!

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