Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Excuse me doesn't cut it here.

Another key difference about New Yorkers that I sadly realized today: they don't budge if they don't have to. I think I ram into about 25 people a day while walking here and there because I expect them to move when they see me approaching. I assume that most of us, at least Ido, step to the side when we see large groups of people heading directly toward us. That is quite the contrary here. Today I slammed my arm into this woman's shoulder of steel while I was trying to quickly get off of the subway. She could see I was in a rush to get off before the doors closed but she blatantly stepped in front of me so I couldn't get through. I swear I saw her smirk afterward. It was a perfect example of a situation that has happened numerous times to me within the last week. I've really been taken aback by how unsympathetic and rude some people are when it comes to just stepping out of the way for the courtesy of others. Absolutely ridiculous. This must be their way of getting back at annoying tourists. It's like passive-aggressive physical abuse to strangers!

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