Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today was an amazing day off. It started off with Dennis calling me at 9am because I am usually up at that hour. Apparently today was the wrong time to call me that early because he said I was grumpy on the phone, so he hung up (sorry Dennis!) and I fell back asleep. At about 12:15, I re-awoke and freaked out when I saw the time. I can't believe I had slept in so late! I haven't slept until noon since 9th grade! I had big plans for the day so I threw on some clothes as quickly as possible and actually brushed my hair for once. My original plans were to go downtown and roam around aimlessly by myself. However, I decided to call Chris, a friend that I was introduced to by my friend Jeb in Florida. He didn't have any plans today so we decided to meet up and explore together. It's cool because Chris is from South Florida also and he's only been here a month longer than I have, so we're both newbies to the city. I hopped onto the L train and met up with him on Montrose Ave. From there, we headed over to Manhattan and up to 14th street to grab some lunch at Whole Foods. I ate my turkey wrap and Chris ate his indian food on the grass in the big square park where everyone sits around and chit chats/reads/sleeps/etc. We watched a guy scratch his scalp vigorously for a good 15 minutes....(very interesting.)

After relaxing for a bit there, we rode up to 53 street and walked over to the Museum of Modern Art. It was so peaceful and pleasant looking at all of the art work...some of it was definitely innovative while others were the kind of paintings where you're like "dude a three year-old could do that." One of my favorite installations were these photographs by Gary Winogrand. He had a bunch of really candid and clever shots taken with humans and animals at zoos. I wish I could find more of his shots, there aren't many online. Anyway, here is one of them:

I saw a LOT of Picasso, I couldn't believe how many of his paintings and sculptures they had. I also had the opportunity to see some Warhol paintings as well (seen above!) I felt like I had accomplished something after seeing such famous now I can say things like, "Oh yes, I remember when I saw Warhol back in 2008" or "Oh, Monet? Yeah...his paintings were allllriiight. Odd stroke technique. I'd take a Dali over a Monet any day!"

After the museum we walked down to central park, which was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't believe how green and lush everything was, it smelled like dew and flowers. We followed the curvy paths past families, musicians, tourists and kids for quite a while. Eventually we wound up near a dog park. We sat there for a long time watching the dogs roughhouse...and this is where I witnessed one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I am so proud to have gotten this moment on film! Let the picture speak for itself:

Hahahahaha!!! This poor guy! The small dog eventually ripped his entire collar off...and no one even tried to help him! Everyone just crowded around, pointed and laughed. Ah, so great.

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