Friday, September 5, 2008

Tough week.

For some reason this past week has been particularly overwhelming for me. I think, with August winding down and me finally moving into a more permanent apartment, the events that have happened in the last four weeks finally had a chance to catch up with me. I've spent a lot of time by myself, more than I have for quite some time. In some aspects it feels good to do things independently and reflect on my life a little bit while I'm at it. At the same time, I miss the companionship of my friends and little brother. It's come home at the end of the day and you just don't know what to do with yourself. I feel restless. Upset. My nose won't stop running. A friend of mine suggested that I should take a class or something to try and meet people. That's definitely a possibility. Where do I even find out about something like that? Is it meeting people that is really my problem? I feel like I could entertain myself if I just knew where to go. This city is so large, I find myself wondering...where do I even start?!

I took the last three days off to wind down from the craziness of August. A friend of mine from high school was in town so I played tour guide, even though I had absolutely no idea where I was going. We took the F train to Coney Island yesterday. I was pretty shocked at how deserted it was, but it felt really inspiring to see a little piece of my mom's and grand parent's history. That was their playground back in the day.

The other night we ventured out to try to find a special place that Dennis showed me a few weeks ago. For some reason I feel such a huge connection to this spot. The view of the Manhattan skyline is gorgeous down at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It is a long boardwalk that overlooks the lower end of the city and at night it is a picture perfect place to be. I've never been so close to something so beautifully breathtaking. I wound up going back to that spot tonight by myself to snap a few more photos that didn't come out so well while I was there with Sean. It was difficult being there alone. Although there was a decent amount of people walking along the path, it was very quiet and the big city seemed at a standstill. The only thing you could hear were the cars whizzing by on the freeway below. Every time I turned around, there were couples holding hands and enjoying the romantic view together. Eeek. To say the least, it was emotional for me but I will continue to go back to that spot. For one reason or another, it's the one spot I don't mind being alone in.

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