Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I just got home after going to Pilates class and running two miles at the gym. I always procrastinate going, but once I'm there I always feel a million times better when I leave. After a long day of work, I feel rejuvenated once I run my little heart out and sweat out the mental stress that accumulates within me during the day. I've decided that, instead of waking up early, it's easier for me to walk over there after work. I don't mind bringing my work-out clothes with me on the train if I'm able to get an extra hour of sleep in the mornings because of it. Whew! Comfy bed...here I come!

Sunday and Monday was the first two-day span I've had where I've had back-to-back days off since I've arrived in the city...and boy did it feel good!!! On Sunday, Chris and I went to McCarren Park. We laid out a blanket and ate bagels while watching hipsters place softball. It was awesome because at some point, there was an entire team of Orthodox Jews, dressed head to toe in white collared shirts and black slacks with suspenders, playing against a team of Mexican men. It was definitely a sight to see (and one that I'd never seen in Texas, that's for sure!) We sat there for many hours, people watched and relaxed in the sun.

A few hours later after our vegan bagels digested, we decided to get up and walk down 8th avenue to this random little park that they've converted an old loading dock out of. The views were beautiful, even with the overcast sky.

I couldn't believe this little spot was so close to where I live. I love the Bedford Avenue area. Although it's very trendy, it has a great vibe and is a lot of fun to walk around. There are so many interesting and varied people walking around. I can't wait to explore all of the little coffee shops and boutiques on that strip. My mission for next weekend is to walk around my area more and find some hang-out spots for those lonely nights when I'm craving something to do.

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chris walker said...

lonely nights? just holler at me!

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