Monday, December 15, 2008

Who would have thought...

...that I could find such an amazing pair of vintage cowboy boots anywhere other than Texas! I bought these babies while Robby was in town. They are a cherry colored eelskin boot that goes up to the knee, I've been trying to wear them as much as possible to break them in. I absolutely love them.

This last week has been really busy. Traffic at our store has been inconsistent but I really feel like we're chugging along pretty nicely considering how worried everyone is about this recession we're entering into. We had a conference call yesterday that kind of prepped us for what the next few months might look like...but I'm keeping my head and spirits high. Yesterday it was just Kate and I at the store and although we did ridiculously well for just two of us being there, the day dragggggggggggggged. I also (partially) busted a shoplifter. We caught her trying to make off with a pretty large, very expensive leather handbag. While she was at the register attempting to pay for it, Kate and I could see miscelaneous, randomly placed lumps underneathe her clothing. I hate how I couldn't just say "ma'am, I can see a wallet jetting out of your pants..." but she definitely towered above me by a good foot and a half. I really think that she might have been a man, as we've had a lot of men dressed as women trying to shop lift from us. What kind of trend is that?! Gotta' love the world of high-end retail! Anything goes.

Eeek, I didn't realize what time it was. I better get going to work! Hope everyone is doing well!

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