Thursday, December 4, 2008

Movin' on up!

Great news! I've been featured again on the Pink Spotlight on Betsey!

You can find my little bio here: So exciting!!!!

I feel ecstatic now that the Austin crew has arrived to NYC. I can't describe how calming it feels to know that I don't have to spend all of my time here alone anymore. Yesterday, Robby, Matt, Kate and I woke up late and went over to MiniStar. It is this awesome little Greek diner that my mom and I found near my house while she was visiting last week. Best thing about New York? Early bird specials! Eggs, hashbrowns, wheat toast, coffee and OJ for $3.95...what more can you ask for? After vegging out, the four of us walked back to the apartment and unpacked a little bit. We decided to take advantage of Kate's retal van, which, during their road trip, had officially been dubbed as "The Chipotle Express". We ventured out onto the BQE (once again, it is so odd to travel ABOVE ground instead of in the subways!) and drove down to IKEA where we scored some pretty great purchases. A bed for Kate, a chair and a few home accessories later, we were on our way back up to Queens to drop off our sweet finds! Our apartment has made a huge transformation, it truly looks like a home now that Kate has brought so many trinkets from her home back in Texas. I will take pictures eventualllllyyyy.

Everything is great and I am so happy! This afternoon we are going to go down to Williamsburg so Robby and Kate can do a little vintage shopping at one of my favorite places, Beacon's Closet. We'll probably roam around that area for a little bit and then head back to Queens. We are meeting up with some of Matt's friends later on this evening at this cool "Beer Garden" that is well known in this part of town. Should be fun!

Hope everyone is doing well :)

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michelle said...

beacons closet is the best!!!! have you gone to Barcade yet?


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