Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We're back from Florida!

What a fantastic trip! Quinn not only saw her grandparents but was also able to meet THREE of her great grandmas as well! It was so special seeing her with my grandma who's remaining days are growing slim now that she is in hospice. I wasn't sure if my grandma understood who Quinn was (or me) but she kept quietly repeating over and over "what a beautiful baby!" We were able to get a few dear pictures of the three of us together to remember the visit forever.

Check out some beautiful pictures of my grandma from the past here!

Here is Quinn with my mom and another picture of Quinn with Rosemarie, her other great grandma!

Susan threw an amazing party for Quinn and invited tons of our friends and family. The afternoon started off a bit hectic with family portraits. Quinn was a little upset, I think beause she was wearing two banes of her existence: a head band and an enormous tutu! She looked like my cat did that one time in NYC when he got into my fabric box and unravelled a three yard bolt of tule!

However, the rest of the day went well. A little girl named Alissa asked to hold the baby and within a minute, Quinn had passed out in her arms. I kept asking "Are you sure you don't mind holding her? Are you sure?" while I slowly backed away with my hands up like I was stopping traffic. I realized this was my opportunity to stealthily run away and have some free time with my long lost childhood friends. (Okay, okay, so I felt a little crappy for ditching my baby onto a 12 year old innocent little girl who has not experienced the world of loaded diapers and throw up, but hey! I needed a break! This child never sleeps!! I took advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself!) From there, Quinn slept and slept and wound up in grandma and grandpa's room in her little swing, sleeping next to four cats. I caught up with my best friend Fallon and played with her little boy Greg. I was able to see Russel and some of our other friends. It was fun meeting all of the people who our parents had invited also. I really enjoyed feeling social, especially since I have spent the last few weeks having awkward conversations with myself in dimly lit rooms, looking greasy and unkempt, wearing three-day old pajamas. Reminds me of that creepy thing Gollum from Lord of the Rings when he's always saying "my precioussss", but replace the ring with a baby and you've got a weird glimpse into the wonderful world of Tara.

The day before we left, we took a little joyride down the intercoastal on Mike's Dad's boat, "The Mighty Quinn". Mike took some great shots during the ride!

Quinn and grandpa

(Quinn's got some killer abs in this picture! Flaunt it, girl!)

Such a fun trip getting to see everyone. They all were able to finally meet the baby and catch up with us. Sadly, we probably won't make it out there again until next year since I will be going back to work and retail = lack of vacation days and holidays off. What the heck are holidays? Yeah, I don't know what Christmas Eve or the day after Thanksgiving feels like. But luckily, thanks to my crappy schedule, everyone is coming to Texas this year for Christmas! Whoohoo!

See you again in December, everybody!

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