Monday, August 9, 2010

Is she doing that on purpose?

I'm constantly wondering if Quinn is making funny noises and faces because of me or if they're due to impending bodily functions. But either way, she's becoming more alert every day! With the exception of those nights when we just can't calm her down (I think she just needs to have a good cry sometimes. Don't we all?) we are getting pretty good at determining what the problems are that make her PISSED. This whole newborn stage is definitely getting more exciting by the day, though. I can already see a glimpse of her little personality beginning to show by the sounds and movements that she entertains us with. I think it's the crazy Chuck Norris-inspired roundhouse kicks that she does with sheer velocity when she detects an invasion of some kind (Rigby, parents, passifier falling out, etc) that is leading me to determine the kind of girl that she is destined to become and that she is DEFINITELY my spawn!

Here are a few future qualities that will further determine that she is my mini-me:

- Her love for the movie Anchorman
- Her inability to properly work a gas stove
- Her love for the outdoors, but hatred of fire ants and recluse spiders
- Her loathing of onions and cake frosting (damn you, allergic reactions!)
- The ability to develop bunions in short amounts of time due to the fact that I wore flipflops for the first 16 years of my Florida-derived youth and she inherited this due to Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest and its effect on genetics.
- Her love for exuberant clothing and doc martens combat boots.
- Her need to be in the window seat during long airline flights
- The ability to perfectly quote Dane Cook at any given moment (Ohhhh steeeeam, I hate steam!!, Pull around, get some sauce!!)
- Her secret desire to become a bounty hunter.
- Her crooked, toothless smile. (Wait, what?)
- The sad realization that her cryptonite will be a low tolerance to alcohol as well as her inability to effectively confront shoplifters in her clothing boutique!

Let's play the game, "What is Quinn thinking?"....

"Am I the only one that thinks OJ was innocent?? I mean, come on! He was a comedic genius in all three Naked Gun movies! They were pretty much the funniest movies of the 90s! Murderer? Give me a break!"

"Okay ma'am, we're going to need a front view in order to complete your mugshot."

"You know, my inspiration for this photo was the Unknown Woman. You can really feel the intensity in her gaze. I wanted to acurately portray this same feeling which, for me, was based on my hatred for bathing.

"Staring contest....1...2...3....GO..."

"Oh, my, god...did you hear about Steve and Julie? They're totally getting a divorce. I heard he was having an affair. Can you believe it?!

"Ahhh!! A recluse spider!! Get the Raid!!!"

":::She has NO idea that I'm about to projectile vomit down the front of her shirt. Bwahaha.:::"

"To the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Sara Sites said...

oh tara, you are TOOOO funny!!! love those pics- Quinn is getting more adorable by the second- and those comments along with them are freaking hilarious. you're doing so great, mama!!!

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