Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BBQ night

Steven and Antonia came over with Mama Bear the other day to help us do a "First BBQ at the new house!" christening. It always feels so great to see them. I am grateful that we were lucky enough to live next door to them for an entire year. I will miss our waves to one another from across our porches, drinking Steven's yummy home brew, going over the ever-lengthening list of neighborhood cat names with them and having to jump over their fence in the wee hours of the morning to chase Rigby down while trying not to wake them up.

Here are some cute snapshots of the animals that Antonia took...

Rigby loves Texas!

What's up with his weird optical illusion legs? Where are the other two?

Rupert was a little spooked out by mama bear...he looks like a little suitcase!

Rupert...peering down at us with his little eyeball from above the stairs. Haha!

Rigby being very territorial with his toys...

Yeah uh...that flip flop is no longer mine apparently.

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