Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Old and new, but still old.

I found a few old photographs of my grandma, Pearl, from when she was around my age. I think these both were taken of her in the 1930's. She grew up in the Bronx and was the only girl (and the youngest) of five kids in her family. Her father was a tailor and handmade all of her clothing. I'm talking about fur coats, suits, petty coats, the whole enchilada. (Must've been who I inherited my fashion itch from!) I used to try to steal all of her old hand tailored trench coats from her bedroom closet when I was younger. Her style was so elegant....

I scanned these pictures in a few weeks ago and keep them on the desktop of my computer. Usually once a day or so I for some reason open them up and stare at them. I just can't get over how time can change you physically. I feel like she is looking right at me in these photographs and that this is a completely different person from the grandma I know today.

My mom has spent the last few days with my grandma in Arizona and has been pretty affected by her sharp decline. Although Pearl has kvetched (yep, there's some Yiddish for ya, folks!) constantly about every single thing for the majority of my mom's life and has driven so many of us crazy for many years, we still hold a deep admiration for the long life she has led and much love for the innocent girl in the pictures above taken 70 years ago and the one below taken 7 hours ago.


Jess said...

Tara, you look so much like her in that 2nd photo! She had an amazing sense of style. I love those pics.

Nicole said...

You DO look like her. Amazing.

MrsKatherineA said...

Wow - those are amazing photos, you are so lucky to have them! I have to agree - you look SO like her!

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