Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long long time...

I want to apologize for the lack of posting within the last few weeks. I have been having a really hard time recently. My motivation to write in this blog, or talk, or do anything really except for come home each day and feel emotional had completely disappeared. I think the accumulation of homesickness, sickness, exhaustion and the cold weather really has begun to take a toll on me. Everything seems a little up in the air right now, there is a lot of transition that is about to begin....but like I've been advised by my friends and family....I just need to embrace everything for what it is. I can't continue to lead a life like the one I've been living for the last few weeks. It's definitely not healthy. Definitely not healthy at all. It's amazing what your body can do to itself when you don't take care of yourself.

On a much lighter note....yesterday was the first day of warm weather and the city had an electricity about it that I haven't experienced in as long as I have lived here. Mike and I met up after I got out of work last night and sat in Union Square for a few hours. It was eerily quiet considering the hundreds of people who were just sitting out on the steps, on the benches, in the grass, embracing the long overdue cool breeze swirling around amongst the 80 degree temperature. I watched people of every age chat, relax, stare up at the stars....the blue light from the empire state building casting a cool night time glow over all of us. We sat on a bench for a long time and enjoyed the mood. It was exactly what I needed.

Today we're heading to central park to lay in the sun to catch some rays and melt away all of the depression I've been feeling.

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Mr. Haley said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, Tara! Now I wish we had time to stop by to see you! You definitely would have cheered up after seeing me with a bunch of my students calling me Mr. Haley!

Glad to see you're outta the funk, though. :)

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