Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Never thought hot weather could feel so good.

Sunday was a well needed day of rest and reflection. Mike and I packed up a knapsack in the morning and we took the train to Central Park after my doctor's appointment. We picked up some sandwiches along the way and set up shop next to a baseball field where there was a group of crazy old men playing a way-too-competitive softball game. We laid in the sun for a few hours and lost track of time. There was no agenda, no place to be, nothing to worry about. I appreciated every single moment. You could tell that all of the smiling couples and families were all feeling the same way that we were - GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOU, WINTER!!


chris walker said...

I spent about 10 hours in total sitting in McCarren Park over Saturday and Sunday. I felt like a park bum.

Tara said...

We totally need it, Chris. I should try out McCarren next time, like last summer :) Bagelsmith, maybe?

MrsKatherineA said...

such good photos Tara. Love you.

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