Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ohhhh goodness!!

I'm so sorry that I haven't written in a while...I've been so busy!!!!

Our store had a crazy week (in a good way, though!) so I've been here early each day trying to get everything back in order. This back office is like a second home. Unfortunately, this is also the only place where I can use a computer because my laptop at home is having a heart attack and might be on its last leg. I guess four years old is kind of old for a computer? It hates me, or is having a bad case of hiccups, or...I have no idea. So, with the exception of trying to create blog posts on my phone, I thought I would do a quick update on here before I run to fulfill my caffeine addiction.

This last week has been a lot of fun. The weather has cooled down a LOT. I've been getting a ton of use out of my Fall coat and am enjoying the leggings and hats. It feels absolutely freezing to me but everyone is telling me this is only a small dose of what's to come. In the grand scheme of winter, 49 degrees isn't that chilly for NYC. On Monday, I went with my friend Ashley who i grew up with in Florida and her boyfriend Mike to the Bronx Zoo. Mondays are definitely the recommended day to go because there is literally no one there. Except for a brash run in with some folks who may or may not have been under the influence of SOMETHING in the gorilla habitat area, we had fun looking at all of the animals. The zoo is beautiful, it looks like a museum because it has tons of lovely white museum-esque buildings that house the birds and butterflies. Walking past the sea otters was sad because they reminded me of Sam when we'd take him swimming in the river. Poor Sam...I wonder where my sweet dachshund is now. Sigh.

Last night, however, was one of the best nights I've had so far! I have a couple of friends who belong to a band called The Canadians. Ironically, they are from Italy and my friend Jenna and I had discovered them during college when we were listening to Italian music to help with our grammar. At some point, we became email friends with one of the bandmates and Jenna had the opportunity to see them play live in Milan when she was there studying abroad. Last year The Canadians and their record label owner came to Austin to attend SXSW and Jenna and I spent the whole night with Massimo and Francesco. We showed them around the downtown area, practiced our Italian and taught them how to eat Smores. It was such a fabulous time. can only imagine how excited I was when Massimo emailed me to tell me that him and Francesco would be in NYC this week to attend another music festival, CMJ. Last night after work I took a taxi down to their hotel and met up with them for dinner. We all get along so well and it was unbelievably nice to see such familiar (kind of?? they live in italy!!) faces. We ate dinner at this wonderful French restaurant and talked for quite a while. Then we trekked down to the Bowery to see a show. I wound up not staying because I had to get some sleep since today was going to be an early day, but I decided to take tomorrow off to get some errands done and then spend the whole day with the two of them. We're going to do all of the touristy things like see ground zero, central park and take them to find good shopping. I can't wait. They are such nice guys. Maybe my next move after NYC will be Italy?? I hope so.

I will try to post again when I have more time...until then...I hope everyone is well!!


Daisy said...

You would love Italy. It's kind of like NYC only the food is 100% times better. =)

Jess said...

Hey Tara!! So awesome that you got to meet up with them! I remember you telling me about them in Austin. Hope all is well :) xo

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