Monday, September 13, 2010

Workin' it.

I can't believe the time has come to return to the store. How did ten weeks go by so quickly? My first day back to work was on Friday and it was bitter sweet. Maybe a little more bitter than sweet. Not that I was bitter. Am I using the wrong word? Tart, maybe., let's try...spicy? Wait. Uh, anyway, I was excited to see my staff, laugh and feel social, be around people who didn't drool on me (well, some do when they come in after they hit up happy hour. Drunk stories could take up 43875 more posts in this blog.) At the same time, I have been missing Quinn something awful every time I am away from her for more than an hour. I am home today but of course Quinn is taking a nap and I just want to WAKE HER UP so I can give her infinite kisses and maybe knaw on her little cheeks and Michelin man limbs like she is some kind of cupcake with a pulse. Uhhhhg. How am I going to be away from her from here on out? I feel so upset. I think I have convinced myself that she has grown a full 9098540385 inches since Friday. It has only been three days and I am pretty sure she might be entering toddlerhood. Is that a tooth I see? I walked into her bedroom and saw her changing her own diaper. She's so advanced already. She just asked me if she could get a tattoo and I told her no, not until she is 45...which most-likely will be next week the way time is flying.

I guess I've just got to get a grip and try to handle this stage of motherhood like the rest of the working mothers out in the world do every day. This'll sure be a test to see how long I can keep it together before I am bursting into tears every five seconds. Ahhhhg.

Oh great, a tear just plummeted onto my pants. I made it .02 seconds. Not a good start.

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