Friday, March 4, 2011

Tomorrow is the day!

Bq and I are on our way to Dallas in just a few moments...tomorrow is our big day! It's the first round of judging for Texas Next Top Designer! I think we have everything in order and are ready for our moment to show them what we've got. It's been a long two months of preparation so we are MORE than ready to meet the judges. Let's hope we make it to round two!

Mike has been in Dallas all day today working so he is going to find us a hotel room and spend the night with us there. Tomorrow is his birthday so hopefully we can find some fun things to do in Dallas to celebrate!

Keep your fingers crossed for us, everybody!!!


Marissa {Petal and Ink} said...

Fingers are crossed extra tight! I hope everything is perfect!

Marissa {Petal and Ink} said...

PS, love those pictures. Yay Paris!

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