Monday, July 19, 2010

My newest functional accessory...

is Quinn! I picked up this Hava sling the other day and I absolutely love wearing her in it. I think it reminds both of us of when she was in the womb. Or maybe I just like it a lot because I feel like a kangaroo. Either way, she falls asleep in it really quickly and I'm able to hold her and get things done around the house at the same time. Great success!!

Our friend Jonathan was having a birthday party Saturday night and it seemed like a perfect opporunity for Mike and I to try to socialize for the first time in months. I called him earlier that morning while I was getting our oil changed to ask if he'd be interested in attempting to bring Quinn to a party. He was down! That night, we tried to time everything right so that we could make the most of our time while we were out. We fed her around 9pm, packed up Mike's diaperdude with baby essentials (and beer!) and got the baby into the car, where she immediately went into a milk-coma. When we arrived to the party, I put her into the sling and she continued sleeping for the entire time we were there!! I couldn't believe it. She was an angel! The talking and loud music didn't fluster her it all. I'm glad we decided to go to all of those shows and get an extremely loud barking puppy while she was in my stomach...I think it conditioned her to sleep through anything!

I was anxious about bringing her to a party of 20-something year olds, all of whom have NO kids, but the night went really well and everyone was so accepting of the fact that there was a three-week-old there. It was awesome! It felt so good to be out with Mike and be around friends. Finally!


Sara Sites said...

you look beautiful!! i'm loving that mexican-looking dress in the top photo! quinn is just about the cutest accessory i've ever seen. how cool is it that you guys got to get out and be social and she was a little angel the whole time?? :D

Tara said...

Hehe...thanks Sara! I've been living in those mexican dresses, haha. Thank you, shapeless dresses! You've got to get a sling for when your little guy arrives!

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