Friday, July 16, 2010

Gone Fishin!

Mike decided to cut work short yesterday so we could venture outside to catch some rays while he broke in his new fishing pole. I was getting stir crazy being in the house!!! He had bought me a fishing pole, too (it's pink!) but I decided that I'd rather chill with Quinn on the grass and just enjoy watching him this time around. He caught a bass within five minutes! Thatta boy! Yesterday was the first time that we actually took Quinn somewhere fun, besides the doctors office (which uh, is never fun. She has been sick for the last week...we've seen doctors a-plenty!)It was cute looking over the backseat and seeing her little Mary-Jane socks poking out. We drove toward Town Lake and plopped down in a peaceful, shady spot near a long walking trail covered by droopy trees. Quinn could barely keep her eyes open. Her little retinas were like, "WOAH dawg, what is this?! The light of day?! Could it really be??!" I also noticed that she unfortunately inherited my pasty, white, iridescent skin. Mike and I are both Italian yet it's funny how he was fortunate enough to inherit the gift of gorgeous, olive, easily-tannable skin yet I inherited the genes of Powder. Looks like Quinn will enjoy a lifetime full of 1,203,39724x SPF sunscreen caked over every pore of her body, just like me! Okay, okay, so she's only two weeks old and I'm sure most babies are pretty pale until who knows how long...but the odds are favoring against her. On a side note, did I mention that the first thing Mike said when he could see her little head during labor was "Tara! Guess what! She's not a ginger!!!!" Haha! Phew! Thanks, Mike!

Today was nice, too. I borrowed my brother's car early in the morning since we had a birthing appointment this afternoon and Mike is in Houston all day. Although I had a little bit of a hectic time getting Quinn ready to go by myself, we arrived to the appointment on time and Vickie checked both of us out to make sure we were both on the road to recovery (we're good! whoohoo!) Then Quinn and I drove down to the mall to pick Robby up from work. We stopped and sat down for a bite to eat and then went to see the new Lego store that he is working at. It felt really good to be in a restaurant and heck, in a mall! It also felt pretty amazing to know that I can actually go out with Quinn. It was like having a little mini-me companion that I kept forgetting was sitting in the back seat while I was driving. I've had the whole "I have a baby but am still a human who needs to fulfill her desire of not being a hermit mole woman that sits in the darkness of her dimly-lit living room 24-hours a day" mentality for the last two and a half weeks and it has been taking a toll on me. Mike has been travelling each day, which has increased my loneliness and desire for human interaction. Not that Quinn isn't a blast to hang out with, she's sweet as pie and I just want to gobble her up. It's just that... when I do things like tell her jokes out of boredom, I think she's smiling at my punchlines but she's only smiling because of gas and it can be a little disappointing to my morale.

I guess the whole point of this rant is... for someone who is accustomed to spending 50 hours of their week talking to random people and staying productive, I've caught myself feeling a little anxious and lonely sitting at home all of the time without Mike here to keep me company. It was nice to get out briefly these last two days and to spend time with little Quinn and to know that it's possible to do it on my own!

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Sara Sites said...

haha, love Mike's comment about Quinn not being a ginger. also, love those maryjane socks! adorable! you're doing great, kiddo!

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