Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Despite laying on the couch for two days straight,

I was apparently one of the only people in existence who didn't watch the season finally of Lost. Well, I haven't watched the show for about four years now so I'm not that flabbergasted that I missed such an EPIC ending. I just felt a little out of the loop with the rest of the world for about two hours. I've been able to piece together the entire episode by eaves dropping on everyone around me for the last two days though so I don't think I missed much that night. Just glad to see that my fellow comrades will be able to have an hour each week of their lives back!

Mike has been sick for the last few days, but I have a feeling he's just secretly trying to test me to see if I'm good at waking up every two hours each night. And the answer is...YES! I'm like some kind of chubby zombie that awakens instantly during the wee hours of the night to finish any task that is put before me! We'll see how I do in about three weeks...or if she decides to come early!

Which as of our appointment yesterday, looks like it could be the case? She's already measuring at what she should be measuring at three weeks from now, yeowza. Either I have a lot of fluid up in my stomach OR she's going to be a miniature Hulk. Considering I was a 10 pound newborn, I might be destined to have a chubby-thighed, dimple-armed baby right off the bat. We'll see! I'm also already dilated apparently...so....my next question to our midwife yesterday after our exam was, "How do I know when I'm going in to labor?" And in response she handed me a pamphlet entitled "How you know when you're going in to labor." I read it once we got home and decided to pack our suitcase full of necessary things to bring to the birthing center once the big time comes.

This is when the anxiousness comes into play!

Here are some little-Tara pictures courtesy of my mama.

Check out that crazy spiked hair!

Hooray! This bear rules!

Okay...one year later...not as impressed with the bear.

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Marlo said...

The pictures are so cute. And you were so fashionable when you were little too!

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