Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stop being stubborn, Quinn!

We went to our 32 week visit yesterday to see how the baby was doing. Last time they checked four weeks ago, Quinn was feet first but they didn't seem too worried about it as most babies flip by 30 weeks. However, yesterday while Roswitha was feeling around on my stomach and felt feet where a head should be, we discovered that she was STILL feet down! Stubborn little girl! I could tell by Roswitha's expression, which is usually cool and collected, that she was a little frustrated that Quinn hadn't flipped yet. So she decided to give us some homework consisting of different exercises, positions (handstands in the pool!) and putting a cool icepack up high and a warm one down low so she'll try to head south to warmth to get her to flip around. If she isn't facing the right way by 34 weeks though, we're going to do a bit of acupuncture and see how that goes. The very last resort would be for us to go to an external expert who will try to turn her around from the outside of my stomach. They tried this a little bit yesterday and OUCH!! It hurt pretty bad. I'm hoping it won't get to that point!

With just eight weeks left, I'm feeling pretty good. Just really tired. The time seems to be flying by now, expecially now that we will be going to the doctor more frequently for checkups. I'm so excited for her to come, Mike and I are just so anxious to meet her. So many times I forget that I'm pregnant during the day because I'm doing a million other things, but those giant kicks and shifts always interrupt my day and I can't help but laugh because they kinda tickle.

Counting down the daysssssssssssssssss.

So excitingggggggggg. NOW JUST FLIP AROUND, QUINN!

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