Monday, April 5, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

I have been thinly spreading my time between work, the few moments I get to see Mike each day, sleeping like crazy and our new Black Lab-mix, Rigby. With only 10 weeks left of this pregnancy, I can feel my body telling me to slow down most days. If it's not one of those dreaded Braxton-Hicks contractions telling me to take it easy, it's thedrool-inducing, dead sleep that I collapse into as soon as I hit the bed at night. Although I enjoy my days at work laughing with the staff and customers, the long hours on my feet definitely seem to take a toll on me by the time I get home. One word - CANKLES!! Blech.

These days, as Spring begins to quickly drift into that muggy, hot, droughty summer that Texans have become accustomed to, I am appreciative of a those last few days of breezy, cool weather and definitely our air conditioning.

Here are some pictures of our new little man Rigby enjoying the outdoors, as well.

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