Monday, March 16, 2009

Feelin better.

I got home from Baltimore late on Wednesday night, worked Thursday, left early on Friday and left early on Saturday due to this crazy flu that I randomly caught. After a couple of days of feeling feverish and sounding manly with this burly cough I've acquired, today I am finally feeling a bit better. Fever feels gone, only one nostril is plugged...things are looking up! On top of feeling poorly because I was sick, I also felt bad because Mike and his buddy Ray drove all the way up from Baltimore on Saturday to see Kate and I. They drove a u-haul packed with a bunch of Mike's things to give to us since he is moving out of his apartment. I was probably not a lot of fun to be around, but it was nice having them here to spend a day with. I wish I could have shown them a better time in Manhattan, but the cold weather was taking a toll on me. I can't believe how sweet of Mike it was to give us his all of his furniture, his tv, etc etc. Also....we're watching Rupert for a while. Mike is thinking about trying to move here sometime in the summer, so Rupert will be living with two girls until then. Having a little kitty around feels so nice. He is such good company.

Our house looks beautiful. It finally feels like a home now! I'm so thankful.

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