Monday, March 16, 2009

Baltimorian...water is pronounced woooarter.

Spending five days in a new city was so refreshing. Minus getting sick, I felt revitalized when I returned to New York. I love spending time with Mike. And even while he was at work, I kept entertained by playing with Rupert in his apartment and walking around the neighborhood taking pictures. The city is so old and there is so much history there. You can feel it while you walk down the old cobblestone streets. I met a lot of new people during my stay and was engulfed in new cultures that I may have never been exposed to otherwise. Some of the neighborhoods are so old and beautiful, while others just two or three streets away are poverty stricken. Entire blocks of homes are completely abandoned and the streets are drug infested. There is so much to be seen and experienced in Baltimore. I can't believe a city that has so much potential has been so neglected and uncelebrated. Such a shame.

At first I was a little nervous about Mike and I being far from one another, but I have really enjoyed the distance and the anticipation of visiting eachother in separate cities. It has worked out perfectly. Funny how things like this seem to fall into place when you are least expecting it.

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