Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Whew, it has been over a month since I have written on my blog. That's ridiculous, but I have a good excuse....THE HOLIDAYS!!

Check this progression out:

I started the new job and finished training right before black Friday. Then came Thanksgiving - mmmm, turkey. Christmas season rolled in and so did my Mom, Mike's mom and Dad, his two brothers, brother's girlfriend, Mike's cousin and grandma. My birthday (Quinn had a fever all day) but it was fun overall! Christmas!! more working. New Year's Eve - worked. New Year's Day - worked some more and everyone left back to Florida and BAM now it is JANUARY 9TH. Crazy!!

In the midst of all the hub-bub around our house, we had a beautiful first Christmas with Quinn and all of our family. Our house looked like Santa and his elves exploded inside of it and we were the most decked out house on the block. Quinn was showered with so many gifts (One word: TEDDY RUXBIN!) The best gift for Mike and I was to spend Christmas with all of the family.

Some favorite moments from December:

-Quinn's Ugg boots and Christmas dress
-Cuddling up outside in front of the chiminea and drinking beer.
-Feeling stealthy one night when I hopped into the car with Mike, his dad and Sean with the saw at midnight. We quickly drove down the road in the dark to hi-jack some fire wood from the forest down the street. Our entire trunk was loaded up!!!

-Quinn's new fish tank that Mike and I bought her for Christmas.

-Quinn drinking a SLURPEE! (Thanks a lot, Grandpa!) Haha.

- Grandma Diane and Mike discovering that Quinn laughs when you say "Chamomile" and "Ginseng".
-Quinn riding shot gun at the animal drive-through park

-Mike and I making our first purchase together - A new car!!!!
-Quinn's new car!!!!
- Rupert climbing up the Christmas tree and getting stuck.
-Rigby eating three mini cheese cakes and being in a food coma for approximately three hours.
-My mom kicking all of our butts in the game Apples to Apples!!!
-Quinn's first time meeting Santa!
-Jess and Steve spending Christmas Eve with our family.
-Turning 26!
-The awesome x-mas eve dinner set up in the garage that Susan made (hey, we don't have a lot of room!) and everyone eating dinner with paper crowns on.
-Quinn's excited face while we unwrapped gifts Christmas morn.

-Our day trip with everyone to Mt. Bonnell

-Uncles playing with babies!

-Mom and Robby hanging out and playing.

-Always waking up to people in the living room and fresh coffee! We miss that.

We were sad to see everyone leave and sad to return to normalcy. Since then, it has been long work weeks and nights filled with sewing and Quinn-cuddling. I have moments of daydreaming constantly....wishing I could stay home with her each day and work on my own design projects instead of working so hard (and what am I REALLY contributing after-all?) for another company.

2011 will be about new opportunities and exploring my entrepreneurial skills as much as possible. Cheers to new endeavors and Quinn never being able to say that her parents weren't around enough to help her learn and grow.



MrsKatherineA said...

Oooooh my gosh Quinn is SO adorable!! She looks like such a little perfect Christmas princess on Santa's lap, I love it! What a great holiday you had, I'm so glad! Love you and miss you, it was nice to chat a little this morning - can't wait to see you soon!

Marissa said...

It sounds like you guys had a great holiday! Happy belated birthday!

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