Sunday, June 6, 2010

Now the fun begins!

Back pain, feet swelling and some Braxton Hicks contractions have begun on week 38...but nothing was really as bad as this bubbly, disgusting rash I developed on both of my feet and on my arms/hands. I thought I had gotten bit by some kind of freaky spider. I googled photos of rashes and the first ones popping up (of SCABIES!) scared the crap out of me as they looked pretty similar. I kept crying, imagining me holding the baby and spreading this nasty rash to her. So when I got home from work last night around 10, Mike and I decided to go to the hospital. We stopped by the gas station and picked up a ton of snacks first thinking we'd be in the ER for a while. Water, Gatorade, Butterfingers and some hot tamales...yum yum!

We got to the hospital and the check-in lady took one look at me and said, "When are you due??" "Ummmm in a week and a half?" She decided to make a couple of calls and have me go upstairs to the maternity ward to get checked out. As soon as we got up there, the sweet nurse took one look at my oozing foot and knew right away what my rash was from....POISON IVY. The lightbulb went on above both of our heads and Mike and I knew exactly where i had gotten it from. On memorial day when we took Rigby down to the springs, I took a shortcut up this forresty hill on our trek back to avoid walking up the steep trail they were on and I must have brushed against some poison ivy. Uhg! I felt a ton better knowing that was what the rash was from and not a Recluse spider or from Scabies, haha. They monitored Quinn's heartbeat for a while since that's protocall for women over 20 weeks who come into the ER. It was fun listening to her float around and kick the fetal monitor...kinda made the trip more entertaining for us. It also made me realize how kick-ass the birthing center is compared to a hospital. Of course, the hospital is more high-tech and all of that stuff but I laid there on the stiff bed, looking up at the crazy machinery and watching TV. It just felt pretty sterile and uncomfortable. It's funny because I'd much rather be in a place where I feel at home and free to do what I want and succumb to the pains of labor than to be in the hospital strapped down to the bed like that.

Speaking of birth! Yesterday a woman and her nanny came into the store with the most gorgeous little 6-month old baby. The baby's name was Matty, which was ironic because that is one of the names of my great aunt that I was considering originally with Quinn. I immediately started gushing about how pretty she was and then we started talking about how the woman's pregnancy and labor was, etc etc. The woman couldn't believe that I was still standing on my feet all day and how horribly uncomfortable she felt her entire pregnancy. She told me how her labor was the worst experience of her life. She was in labor for 28 hours and was screaming at everyone around her because it was so painful. She called her husband every name in the book She said she thought she was dying and she just wanted the baby eventually she wound up having a C-section and it was 'incredible'. After her talking about how horrible labor was for 15 minutes, she asked me where I was delivering. I told her we were having Quinn at the Austin Area Birthing Center and her jaw dropped. "You're having her NATURALLY?! Oh're going to regret it!!" I just kind of laughed and thanked her for all of her advice.

I feel so confident with my decision to have Quinn at the birthing center. I have physically and mentally felt so good this last month. Even with the baby being due so soon...I'm not worried or freaked out at all. I was more concerned about a RASH that pushing out a watermelon! Is there something wrong with me?! Haha. All of these women seem like they've had such horrific birthing experiences...or that the pain was just absolutely unbearable. I feel confident knowing my body is meant to feel and do what it will once the time comes and the fact that bazillions of women have given birth naturally before me feels so empowering. It'll be interesting to see how this whole thing goes whenever Quinn decided to meet us!


MrsKatherineA said...

omg I'm dying laughing at what that woman said to you!! People are crazy - good for you Tara for feeling so confident, giving birth is an overwhelming experience that will rock you, but it will be good!!! xoxo

gingerpantzmama said...

don't you love how people give you unsolicited advice?
just consider who it was coming from....someone with a nanny, who is shopping for expensive clothing. she can't even care for her baby by herself, shopping is high priority and requires all of her attention ;) who cares how the kid got here, right?!

dani d said...

hi lovely lady! i was my sister's birth coach with a doc in a hospital and it was terrifying! (two epidurals later too!) for her second child, she went to a birthing center and worked with a team of midwives who were truly amazing. just a little moving little gaige around, two pushes and he was out in the world!

you are going to do great and you've made the right decision!!

that woman was probably in labor for so long because hospitals put you in the strangest, most unhelpful positions!

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