Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quiet morning

...over here in Queens. It feels more like 5am than 9...the apartment is so cold and gray. Why is it that I can never find socks when I need them? It has been raining all night, I keep hearing this noise that sounds like one giant raindrop falling onto a tarp from outside. The cat and I slept in my new room last night. I felt like I was at summer camp or something... anxious about closing my eyes and resting in a new spot. I know I slept, although it doesn't feel like it. Drank some coffee a little while ago, read the news online, now I'm watching Rupert sprawl out on the cold tile. How do their backs bend like that? It has truly hit me that our normal Kate and Tara routine is infinitely finished. I'm upset that she has moved out. I know it is for the best though. It is time for the both of us to experience a new New York. My new NYC is about to start on Friday.

One of my favorite pictures that Mike took last week.

1 comment:

cyputts said...

Yes, your new New York starts in 2 days! ;)

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