Thursday, February 12, 2009

If you let your 5 dogs bark uncontrollably at 7am each and every morning...

you've got a lot more coming to you than a mean flea problem.

I came to the realization somewhere on the train between 42nd Street and Queensborough Plaza that tonight was Thursday night, which meant it was Burrito and Sangria night at our favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint down the street. Maybe we were too content after binging on tortilla chips and salsa, but we decided on the walk home after dinner that something must be done about our neighbor situation. I decided that the best remedy to this problem in question was to hulk-toss a vat of Kate's tofu into our neighbor's yard. Even after our landlord has talked to them about their five canines of all shapes and sizes disturbing the deep slumber of the residents of our entire block, they haven't done anything to let us rest in peace.

Maybe THIS will get the point across!!!!!!!!!

(By the way I hurled the tub of tofu, one might have thought I was an Olympian Discus thrower. It hit the ground with a wet SPLAT and I jumped through the window with the stealth of some kind of organic-food -hurling super hero.)


wpl said...

burrito and sangria night.... focus on the sangria, obviously, based on what transpired following... j/k

reminds me of the story of a friend of mine... in the poorer neighborhoods here in LA we have a LOT of ice cream trucks... everything from the 1974 Ford van that says "caution children" (which easily could be taken the wrong way) to the dudes riding around on the bicycles with a cooler strapped to the front. anyway, my friend, who lives in an otherwise reasonably quiet neighborhood, keeps hearing the bell of one of these bicycle vendors going up and down his block. only weird thing - it's 11pm and pouring ass raining! something tells me that he ain't just selling ice cream! so my friend, already drunk, decides to chuck an orange at the guy... BAM! followed by "stay the fuck out of my neighborhood!"

never saw that guy again.... lol

Tara said...
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Tara said...

Haha!! Well okay, at least we didn't HIT anything/anyone with a food product. I felt a little "thrower's remorse" when I woke up this morning and peeked outside, but not so much any more. :)

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